SAT® Reasoning Courses

As TestPrep, we offer SAT Group Course programs for each and every SAT exam. SAT Reasoning Courses start 4 months before every SAT Reasoning Test. 
The program consists of 72 hours, along with 10+30* practice tests. Our lessons are designed by our experienced team to make sure that the participants will get a score of 1500 and higher. The groups are built according to the current level of students up to a maximum of 6 student in each online classroom. Please feel free to contact us and get your virtual seat in our comfortable online classrooms.

Thanks to our expert SAT tutoring team, we have references with 1500+ points!! We are experts at SAT tests with 10+ years of experience and we pass that knowledge on through key strategies like answer elimination and passage mapping. In our four-month SAT Group Courses, we teach different techniques to approach each question so students get the most efficient method that improves time management, in a short time!


92% of our 2021 course participants said they felt more confident after completing a course, and 95% would recommend TestPrep to a friend!

*10 practice tests will be held regularly on weekends. 30 practice tests can be taken at any time by the student. After regular practice tests, problem-solving lessons will be held in which the questions that students could not solve or solved incorrectly are evaluated after every 2 practice tests.

SAT Reasoning

Group Courses



All SAT Reasoning Topics
72 Hours of Instruction by Expert SAT Tutors
 10+30 Real Timed SAT Practice Tests

SAT® Reasoning Group Course Timetable

07 June 202128 August 2021Mon-Wed-FriCourse Schedule
12 July 202101 Oct 2021Mon-Wed-FriCourse Schedule

Online SAT Course Achievements of Our Students


  1. Ziva Wróbel
    April 12, 2020

    The magnificent 3-month course got me to 1450 points. Thanks, TestPrep. I got the highest score among my Polish friends, on my first try. Can I get above 1500 points with short private lesson support? I mean, I already know that I can however when do I need to start lessons?

    • April 12, 2020

      Dear Ziva,
      Glad to hear from you with a “magnificent” score 🙂
      Yes, you can get above 1500 points and our advice is to start as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the more you solve practice tests. Congratz again.

      • Ziva Wróbel
        September 22, 2020

        Thank you!!!! My new score is 1520 :)))) I will also contact you, before the admission period!

  2. Elaina Fay
    November 28, 2020

    Mon score, qui était de 1420 après 3 mois de cours collectifs, est passé à 1500 avec 1 mois de soutien en cours particuliers. Je tiens à remercier mes professeurs de mathématiques et d’anglais. Merci TestPrep Europe !!!

  3. Felix Schuster
    December 30, 2020

    It is a really amazing SAT prep academy. I want to thank the teachers especially for helping me achieve the marks. I got a 800/800 in my Math Level II test. I want to especially thank Mr. Baris for helping me by being my side and helping me through everything.

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