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Online SAT Prep Courses Prepares Students in the Most Efficient Way

Our unit-focused online SAT prep courses programs are delivered by our native SAT tutoring team. TestPrep’s experts know how to engage a classroom and teach key strategies that boost scores. Learn the tips and tricks from the leader of the industry while strengthening your SAT knowledge in any particular SAT test. Learn from the experts in classes prepared from basic to advanced levels.

92% of our 2021 course participants said they felt more confident after completing a course, and 95% would recommend TestPrep to a friend!

SAT® Reasoning Courses

We are experts at SAT tests and we pass that knowledge on through key strategies like answer elimination and passage mapping. In our four-month online SAT prep courses, we teach different techniques to approach each question so students get the most efficient method that improves time management, in a short time!

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SAT Online Course Schedule

We offer 72 hours of SAT course program with 40 practice tests. We work with our carefully selected study materials to ensure you get over 1500 at the exam. Groups formed according to the levels of the students are taught in the latest tech classes that include all subjects.

92% of our 2021 course participants said they felt more confident after completing a course, and 95% would recommend TestPrep to a friend!

SAT Reasoning

Group Courses



All SAT Reasoning Topics
 6-student interactive online classes
72 Hours of Instruction by Expert SAT Tutors
 10+30 Real Timed SAT Practice Tests
 All the materials will be provided
 100% Refund Guarantee if you are unhappy with the 1st-week lessons.

*10 practice tests will be held regularly. 30 practice tests can be taken at any time by the student. After regular practice tests, problem-solving lessons will be held in which the questions that students could not solve or solved incorrectly are evaluated after every 2 practice tests.

SAT Private Tutoring Focuses on the Topics the Students are Lacking

Our weakness-focused SAT private tutoring program is delivered by our native SAT® tutoring team. TestPrep’s experts know how to fix the weaknesses of the students, so in a short time, you boost your score.  Private tutoring is also preferred by students who feel comfortable when instructed privately. 

 Personal SAT Lessons Schedule

In the private tutoring program, students can choose an appropriate time period and create their own schedules. Depending on the student’s demand, we can also create a fixed schedule. Student-oriented programs are effective for the students who want to boost scores in a limited time.

 Target-focused SAT Private Tutoring Team

Since 2008, Test Prep always works with expert tutors with minimum experience of 8 years. In worldwide offices, we prepared more than 10K students for the SAT tests. In order to boost your scores, studying with an expert is a must. Schedule your online session now!

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I joined Test Prep mainly for SAT coaching and counseling for university applications. The coaches are very patient and each of their classes is effective. Baris helped me a lot when I needed extra classes or wanted extra resources to practice. My counselors, have guided me and helped me improve my application. Overall, The entire team is extremely supportive and I am grateful for all their efforts.
Test Prep SAT student – Donita

TestPrep Online Education Platform is Prepared for the Best E-Learning Experience

With powerful online classes, students can share audio, video, slide, chat, and screen in real-time during the online SAT prep courses and SAT private tutoring sessions..

Multi-user Whiteboard

With the multi-user whiteboard, you can draw, edit, and share with your classmates and teacher in real-time. With an interactive working environment, you get answers to all your questions.

 Online Homework & Practice Tests

All assignments are handed over to the student immediately after class. Evaluate yourself and increase your scores easily with online mock exams. Get used to the test format and test yourself against the time.